Inspiration Of The Month

"I can breathe!"

When I was twelve years old the doctor told me I had asthma, and every time I wanted to do any physical activity I had to use an inhaler. It was really difficult to remember every time and it really slowed me down. I love playing sports such as running, tennis, water polo, swimming, and football. The inhaler didn't work very well and tasted horrible. I had asthma attacks often and I hated being left out. When my mom started going to Dr. Dale for chiropractic care, she found out that chiropractic could help my asthma. I have been under Dr. Dale's care for two months and I have been slowly getting better. Now I can play tennis with my sister and her fiancé and I am able to keep up.

Loyal Patient

Before going to Dr. Dale I went to other doctors who only prescribed me pills that helped for the moment. My knee only got worse.

When I went to Dr. Dale, not only did I have torn cartilage, but I was emotionally distressed. As soon as Dr. Dale started working on me I started feeling stress free and my knee felt better. Since then, I haven't been sick for two years.

The more I learn about chiropractic procedures, the more I realize that it affects my health now as well as in the future.

Thank you so much,